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Questions To Ask a Prospective Service Electrician

Oct 10

Questions To Ask a Prospective Service Electrician

When you're searching for an electrician to work on your commercial or residential property, there are quite a few things that you should consider.

Before you hire a Columbia Missouri electrician,, do your research and ask questions such as those below.

Here are some things to remember when you're trying to find the right electrical service provider for you.

Here are some things to remember when you're trying to find the right electrical service provider for you.

  1. Are the company and/or electricians licensed?
  2. Is the electrical company insured?
  3. Who is the electrician, or electric professional, who is actually doing the work?
  4. Does this person or company specialize in commercial or residential electrical projects?
  5. Is there a guarantee that the company will do the job correctly?
  6. Are they up-to-date on all electrical codes in the Columbia area, including state and national code requirements?
  7. Will they provide recent testimonials or references for similar work?
  1. Is the company and/or the electrician licensed to do the job?

Licensing refers to qualifications. It takes thousands of hours to become a Missouri licensure apprentice.

Employing an electrician with a license means you're hiring someone who has experience.

One of the owners of Scott Electric, based near Columbia MO, is Adam Scott. He holds a Missouri State-wide Masters License. This license allows him to work anywhere in Missouri. He worked more than 12,000 hours to get the license and passed an exam to earn that professional license.

  1. Is the electrical company insured?

Insurance covers and protects the electrical company, the electrician, and the customer as well. Ask prospective service electricians to show proof of Public Liability Insurance before you hire them or allow them to begin work.

  1. Who does the actual electrical work?

Is the person doing the work directly licensed and experienced, or are they under the supervision of someone else? Although an apprentice is not necessarily a bad choice, you want to ensure that someone who has experience is ultimately overseeing and responsible for the project.

  1. Is the employee a commercial or residential electrician?

Although some electricians are skilled in both, others specialize in one area. Commercial projects include work on schools, office buildings, hotels, restaurants and government or educational facilities.

Residential electrical services ( ) are typically offered to homeowners, home buyers and realtors, and include minor electrical home repairs as well as service upgrades.

You should ensure that you choose the right one for your specific electrical project.

At Scott Electric, we have expert electricians in both commercial and residential applications.

  1. Does the company provide a guarantee on the work that they do?

Is the company able to stand behind their work? What guarantees are they offering? What happens if something goes wrong, either immediately or a month from now? Look for an electrical company with a solid guarantee, such as Scott Electric. They offer a 1-year guarantee.

  1. Are they up-to-date on all electrical codes in the Columbia, national and state areas?

There are both federal and state codes that apply to electricians and electrical service providers. Many municipalities, including Columbia Missouri, have supplemental codes. It is important that the electrician you hire has knowledge of all applicable codes.

  1. Will they show you references?

You should expect, and carefully examine, references provided from any Columbia or Missouri electrician. Don’t be shy about contacting the references. People or businesses who have hired the electrician before you may be able answer questions or address any concerns you have.

It doesn't have to be difficult to find reliable and quality tradespeople. Whether you’re hiring an electrician, plumber, HVAC pro or other tradesperson, if you ask the right questions and do some research, you will probably be happy with the results.