Starting a Blog

In today’s time, there are new blogs left, right, and center. Almost everyone decides to start a blog but only a few actually stick around and keep posting after the first 3 months. Truth is, that blogging is hard at the beginning. You won’t have any readers or subscribers at first but a few family members and friends that you told to check out your blog. Many lose interest in blogging and don’t show the needed endurance to start a successful blog. When first starting the blog many people underestimate how hard it is to start out.

Interview with Sophie from

Today, I spoke with Sophie Wagner, she’s the co-founder of Two years ago, she and two friends of hers, all enthusiastic lifelong learners, decided to start a blog. Sophie is 26 years old, originally from Bordeaux, France now living in the Dallas area in Texas. She’s a die-hard fan of the Dallas Cowboys and likes to swim in her free time. 

The blog of the three,, features reviews of online courses, book recommendations, and general articles related to learning. The ultimate goal of the blog is to help the readers become better learners Sophie told us. 

When first starting out Sophie and her friends were surprised how hard it is to start a blog. “We mainly thought about creating content not about the website itself.” She described that they didn’t think it would be too hard to adapt a blog template to her own needs. They first tried to run the blog on Squarespace but later decided that it wasn’t the best option to run a blog. “After about 2 months we made the switch from Squarespace to webflow and it was a complete gamechanger,” Sophie said. Max, one of her fellow writes took a course on webflow and took over the development of the site. Today they run their blog completely on webflow’s cms and don’t have to do any more development. 

After about 3 months they first started to see traffic grow to their site and today they have a medium-sized following. If you would like to read more about their journey you can check it out here:

What are the takeaways from this article?

When thinking about starting a blog you should consider that this is a long-term task. It will take you about 6-12 months to see traffic grow to your site if you did good. Otherwise it can take much longer too. You should also pay much attention to the website builder you’d like to use. If you decide to switch it later on it will be much of a headache and can affect your rankings on Google badly. Further you should know that picking a niche is important. When going to broad you will have it much harder than if you pick a niche. This will allow you to better focus on you desired audience and have them subscribe to you easier.

Starting a blog is neither easy nor fast, it will take dedication to build a big blog. However, if you’re able to draw an audience to your site the reward can be big.