Have you ever wanted to make some easy OSRS money? If so, then this post is for you. We will outline how to flip items on the Old School RuneScape marketplace for a profit and the 5 of the best OSRS items that are currently in high demand. 

Popular OSRS Potions

Popular potions such as Prayer potion, Super restore, and Super combat potion are some of the most popular items in Old School RuneScape. These have an extremely high buy and sell ratio making them easy to flip for a profit with little work involved compared to other more expensive or rare items in the game.

Prayer and Super Restore Potions are great for restoring health in a hurry so there’s a great demand for them. You can buy 2,000 Prayer or Super Potions every 4 hours which means you can flip these items often and make  OSRS GP.

PKing Items

In Old School RuneScape, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to items that can be bought and sold. These include the Dragon Scimitar or Granite Maul from Pking (a place in-game where low-level players gather), which have an enticing buy price because they’re always being bought by high-level PKers looking for extra OSRS Gold fast.

These items are still cheap to purchase and you can profit anywhere from 50K to 90K OSRS GP for flipping 70 pieces of these items, which is the max limit.

Black and Red Chinchompa

The Chincompas are one-handed weapons that require level 45 Ranged to use. You can hunt for these Chinchompa creatures in Old School Runescape or purchase them at the Grand Exchange (GE) for 160 to 240 OSRS GP.

The good thing about buying and selling Chinchompas is that it only takes 10 minutes to trade them in the Grand Exchange. The primary reason for this is many hunters need them for Range training – so there’s always someone willing to buy them!

You are allowed to buy 11,000 Black chinchompas and also 7,000 Red chinchompas every 4 hours and expect to make anywhere between 70,000 to 110,000 OSRS GP for them.

Dragon Boots

For those looking to make more OSRS gold on the Runescape market, you can trade Dragon Boots. Dragon boots tend to have high-profit margins and can be sold quickly for good amounts o OSRS gold in just minutes! However, their cost may turn away new players who might not want to spend 20k+ GP at today’s rates.