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Five Interesting And Unusual Methods To Smoke Weed

Feb 13

If you've ever smoked cannabis flower, you're likely familiar with most of the common techniques. You've probably tried it packed into a pipe or bong bowl or rolled into a joint. Perhaps you've even tried vaping marijuana blooms before.

These methods are viable, but they are certainly not your only possibilities. As unbelievable as it may sound, you can create a smoking device out of a number of commonplace objects, including fruits, vegetables, utensils, and even certain items from your recycling bin. In this post, we will demonstrate some of the most creative and pleasurable ways to smoke marijuana.

1. Evaluate Your Product

Apples are by far the most often utilized fruit for smoking. Indeed, you read correctly: an apple. You may create a miniature "bowl" with a knife by placing the stem at the top. Create openings on the top and sides for smoke to escape. After that, you may either breathe in directly via the hole in the apple or use the pen as a mouthpiece.

This manner of smoking is not only inventive and interesting, but the apple also imparts a slight sweetness to each hit. Additional production considerations include:

  • Carrots Whole
  • Bananas
  • Cucumber Beets
  • Pineapple

2. Use Plastic Bottles

Making a simple hand pipe from a plastic bottle is one of the most straightforward methods for smoking marijuana. It is not the most creative effort, but it does the job.

Plastic bottles can also be utilized to create gravity bongs. With this method, the bottle is capped with a bowl-shaped component and submerged in a pail of water. While removing the container from the water and filling it with smoke, the cannabis flower is burned by gravity. You are permitted to breathe in the smoke as it is driven upward as you lower the object back into the water.

3. Use a Soda Can

It is easy to use a beverage can. Simply pierce a hole in the side of the can and a few holes in the crease, and then bed the can. At this moment, you may leave.

Although some soda drinkers believe that you also breathe in lingering caffeine and sugars, this claim has not yet been validated by scientific research.

4. Candy Starbursts

A pack of Starburst candies can be fashioned into a makeshift pipe, proving that practically anything may be used for smoking.

Multiple Starburst candies should be stacked on top of one another to reach the required length. Then, form one candy into a bowl and lay it on the side, at the base of your Starburst "tower."

After that, briefly microwave the "pipe" to ensure that everything sticks together. Drill a small hole and a chamber into the bowl. A Starburst pipe is visually appealing, and the candies add a bit more flavor to the smoke.

5. Numerous Dangerous Options

There are more risky concepts besides those just stated. They are hazardous, thus few people will recommend them, but due to their novelty, they deserve a place on this list.

One of these options is constructing a pipe from tin foil. Obviously, burning metal is undesirable, but some individuals prefer this method.

Another dangerous method is the use of hot knives. For this method, you will need a water bottle. Open the top and remove the bottom. Then, using either a blowtorch or a burner, heat the blades of two butter knives. A cannabis nugget should be pulverized between the blades, and then the bottomless water bottle should be placed immediately on top. Take a breath using the mouthpiece.

Smoke Weed With Pleasure

Don't limit your marijuana use to rolling papers, bongs, or pipes. You can smoke your favorite strains with a little initiative and creativity by repurposing equipment you likely already have at home. You can smoke them in a more normal manner, or you can attempt some of the creative and exciting techniques described in this article.

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